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Feb 12, 2013 10:30am PST
the ta is doing with the plans and programs committee here, and i know commissioner kim tried to represent the district, and you know and the appointments that were made, but i feel that we were slighted being from the left over, the central freeway area, and we don't have representation on the cac or in this committee. thank you. >> thank you. i have been informed by our chair campos that we should invite any interested applicants to make a comment if they want to, and we should limit the comments to two minutes per person if we can. mr. flanagan -- vice chair flanagan. >> my name is joseph flanagan and i appreciate the commissioners, all of the commissioners and the staff of the san francisco transportation authority for giving me an opportunity to speak. i myself am a disabled person, and i represent disabled people, bot seniors and disabled people. i appreciate being on the board. i enjoy working with the staff. we have a very devoted san francisco transportation authority staff. myself has been elected as the vice chair. i am very honored in serving as the vice cha
Feb 16, 2013 2:30am PST
and my answer is always the same. kim benson. she to me embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur. she's risk taking but calculate and is willing to change paths when she sees a better one. that's exactly what she did when she turned her company into a business that helps people lose weight. ♪ cha-, cha- >>> when first met her in 120u she was working out of her home. she's come a long way since then. >> it's incredible. i mean i look at this space and i have to pinch myself it's really here. >> in 2008 kim's husband mark was laid off from his job and because of an illness couldn't get a new one. they had some saving, $18,000, but with all of their expenses it wasn't going to last long. it was, as she describes it, a petrifying time. >> very scary. it was very scary. we had four children, a mortgage, you know, middle income america. >> so what did kim do? get a job? nope. she took that money and invested most of it in an idea she had to make low-fat bagels, a gamble to take the least. >> it was our one opportunity. >> of the two outcomes you certainly would have been safer betting on
FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 11:00am PST
editor dan henninger, james freeman and washington columnist kim strassel. kim, how much does the president think he can pass or is that what this is about? >> no, he knows he can't pass his agenda, very little of this would make it through the republican house. that's in fact exactly the point. the goal here, which is a repeat of what he's done for the last two years, is to put out all of these measures which are somewhat pole driven and sound generally good to the public and he pitches them as helping the economy, and then when the republicans don't pass them or take them up, he will call them obstructionist, he hopes that they'll have a few fights over a couple of them like the minimum wage that will make them look ununited and ineffectual and then he'll use that to try to show that they cannot lead and take back the house in 2014. >> and james, what struck me was how unapologetic the endorsement of activist government was, this was eons from the bill clinton presidency. this is an unapologetic look, look, government will do the following things for you, suggests to me that
Feb 14, 2013 9:30am PST
for 25-year-old kim. check out this video from the news agency. at 2:00 a.m. in the uk. she's about to have her baby. her mom sue was there. she's like, mom, the head is coming out. the baby is on its way. the mom is like get in the car. we'll go to the hospital. no the baby is coming right now. i have to sit on the sidewalk. >> of all people you would think would have sympathy for her saying the baby is coming now would be her mother. you see kim on the ground, security guards come to help. eventually mom sue with a baby wrapped in a blanket in minutes this little baby was born. apparently kim's water broke at 11:00 p.m., this was at 2:00 a.m. the doctors told her you have plenty of time, take your time, you've got -- take painkillers you'll be all right. they did some shopping and baby said, i think i might want to check out some of these sales too. this little guy, that's kim's 4-year-old son lewis who got to be there as his little sister leann was born. remember i said the middle name here, kim ended up naming leann, leann edis after the shopping center. >> i thought it was lean
Feb 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
comments. i think that director, chair person kim's question about what is the comparebility between san francisco and say for example, new york city? we can certainly come back and present to the board what they are doing relative to what we are doing and putting it in perspective with respect to the different population and so forth and we can give the director, directors and chair person kim that information. i can tell you right now, that they are doing it and at a much higher level of security than we are. the world trade center, building, for example, the station substantially higher level than we are. >> secondly we have not finished our presentation, but we are giving recommendation to bring the number of $64 million down to $56. so one of the things and one of the most expensive components of the station is the glass. the glass awning was a key architectal component and because it is quite expensive to support glass and to make it safe from a bomb threat or a seismic theft. we are recommending let's go with a metal skin and that reduces the risk and vunerbility costs and that is
Feb 15, 2013 7:30am EST
they listened to speeches from dig antarie dignitaries. north korean leader kim jong-un did not attend. the party secretary said that the test was a self-defense measure against u.s. hostility. he said if u.s. officials continue to increase pressure north koreans will respond with high level counter measures. another official threat is capable of attacking military basis on the u.s. mainland. >>> kim jung one is celebrating his father's birthday. he's ordered the promotion of 48 commanders. kim jong-il would have turned 71 on saturday. kim jong-un promoted officers to the ranks of lieutenant and major general to mark the anniversary. kim said the promotions reflected the spirit of his father. he called the officers loyal warriors and he said they would help north korea achieve what he called final victory. >>> south korean defense ministry officials say they remain on alert for the possibility of another nuclear test by north korea. spokesperson said the north has been preparing for a nuclear test at a tunnel in addition to the western one that was used on tuesday. kim said the entranc
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm EST
to be a rapper. >> kim kardashian and kanye west, they went to lowrey's prime rib for valentines' day. >> lowrey is the most undiscovered good food place. >> it is so not! >> you don't even eat meat. >> we have jared harris who played grant in the "lincoln" movie. which would you choose, lunch with lincoln or a nice of blis with marilyn monroe. >> i'm going steamy night with lincoln. >> mariah carey posted photos of her on twitter. >> she's like gwyneth paltrow but not as pretentious. >> the group yesterday was all about valentine's day for one and she recommended you buy this book, all recipes for one person. >> what did you make? >> tony haak, in the flesh, the man, the myth, the legend. >> all three, behold the obi-wan of skateboarding, tony hawk, has taken on a new apprentice, he has, the kid who did this. the force is strong with this one. >> you tweeted this video of adam miller. >> basically, it's a back flip from skateboard to skateboard down a set of stairs. >> easily one of the coolest tricks you've seen in a long time. >> not too many people can do anything like that. i've never seen
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am PST
. >> supervisor kim. >> kim i. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor i. supervisor breed >> breed i. there are level is >> the ordinances are final passed. and we need a special-order on the moscone center >> item 13 is a ordinance from a grant for a promise associated with earlier identifies for hesitant itself b. >> colleagues this reduction is adopted. >> next is the ordnance for a grant in the amount of 20 thousand plus. >> same house same call. item 15 to get accepted a grant from the parks and recreation in the amount of 5.5 million >> this item a adapted. >> item 16 is the acceptance for a randy dale renovation project. >> item 17 is an ordinance to require all public works pay subcontractors within 7 days from the city. >> this ordinance is passed. item 18 >> this is a budget item for the housing authority as a priority. >> this motion is approved. colleagues let's skip over this next item and call roll >> thank you madam clerk today, i am happy to introduce with our mayor and supervisor scott wiener and we're going to talk about earthquakes. today would include
Feb 16, 2013 5:30pm EST
you ju recded urs on tape. who gets the heline? >> if the plane goes dow who gets the headline? >> kim kardashian or wil smith? that's it because kanyis not going win. >> will smith. >> you're high. >> k kardashiais pregnant so she gets the headline. >> will had "men in ack," kim hablacmen in h. will 7 pounds. m 7 unds. ll h alikim d black me her >> t peoe have spoken. >> we asked you vote on the website and -- >> 55% for will an40% for kim. congratulations, will smith. peop expect you more than dead kim. >> i knew nye woulbe thir >> 5%, forget e headline, this guy wouldn't evemake it to the obituaries. >> chubby checker is suing over a nis asuring app. he suing hewlett packard and palm. >> these guys de an app. >> you can tell somedy's penis si by their sh size. >> the is someort equation in there that canell you how g a guy's penis is. >> but they are callinit the chubby checker. notike chubby check. >> so i asked jo to do something for the website when we posted the story to give us some kind of art. >> you said make chuy checker into a penis. >> he t a urethra in his hair >> it's
Feb 12, 2013 7:30pm PST
. >> first, i would like to tell our mayor and david kim, carman, yee and my favorite mar. >> including the neighbor and my building happy happy chinese new year for all you guys. i want to say (speaking in another language). (speaking in another language). ladies and gentlemen my name is - i believe that our supervisor today has a chance to ask of the mayor one question about what they think about it? i also have one question i want to ask each of them? how many homeless people in your districts do you know? how many homeless veterans in our district. i wish you have good time to figure out if you figure out and you give us that amount of count of the amount of people in your district i can ask the government to give you more money to build housing. supervisor kim i'm very proud you asked for the community to have more housing. we need to walk up all of you. how many people have lost their arm and legs in war and have no housing yet? god bless >> don't give money to the frenzy of the library and the abuse of money in our community is so flag grant is to outrageous. the for years the
Feb 17, 2013 10:00am PST
kim lawton. >> benedict said he's resigning "for the good of the church." >> isn't that a profound sign of his own humility in that he was able to recognize when, you know, it just was more than he could handle? and instead of letting just sort of others do the job, he viewed very strongly that we needed somebody in that position that would really be able to take the helm. >> i think this decision was made out of love for the church and her needs. >> but it was an almost unprecedented decision. >> in my lifetime, popes have died in office. one has never resigned. and then i all of a sudden discovered that, well, no wonder, it's been almost 600 years since the last pope resigned in 1415. >> experts say benedict's decision highlights how the nature of the papacy has changed. >> it's become much more demanding. you're much more public. you're in print. c1 you're in print. you're on video. 60 years ago, pope pius xii would not have had the same demands on him in any way. >> maybe it's not so much that their job has changed, but the expectations have changed. the immediacy. there's so m
Feb 13, 2013 5:00am PST
of the public who would like to comment? seeing on the public comment is closed. >> supervisor kim: i would like to make a motion to forward that to the board. >> supervisor wiener: can we take that? motion is approved. item number two. ordinance amending the planning code, section 166, to authorize owners of projects with residential units to elect to provide additional parking spaces >> supervisor wiener: i am the author.chiu wanted to be cosponsor. legislation that will encourage more car sharing availability in san francisco. this legislation was submitted to the planning commission; the planning commission unanimously voted to support it, with amendments that i have included in the legislation. the mta is also in support of the legislation with the same request for amendment and again all have been included. car sharing a critical part of the transportation system. there are a number of locations for car sharing in san francisco that are disappearing. as we develop service parking lots and gas stations which are some of the most frequent locations forsharing pods, those car sharing spots
Feb 15, 2013 9:30am PST
. >> kim. >> sartipi. >> kim >> here. >> and are there any communications. >> not that i am aware of. >> any new or old business from the brord of directors, seeing none we will move on to the executive director's report. >> good morning, everyone, first i want to have good news, all three butress have been poured and i want to thank everyone who has worked six days, you know, a week, nights and weekends and all sorts of inclement weather. all floors are done, secondly i want to acknowledge and thank the carpenters for highlighting us in the january edition of the magazine. they have a really nice article in there about the transbay project and the importance of labor in their continued support to our project over many years, thank you very much for acknowledging us and the magazine. and in addition, board members, i did sign out a letter from anvill builders as you may recall. it is a company that we awarded a contract to in november of last year for 9, 250,000, million, and they sent a letter thanking us for all of the work that we are doing regarding minority owned business and i
Feb 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
for the presentation. chair, person, kim, i think that we need to take a moment to triage on this agenda. we are looking at a $214 million cost over run, so far on the project. we have heard an indepth part of 25 percent of this problem. i don't know if this board is going to try to go item by item to second guess or push back on this or if we are going to just accept the 56.8 rda cost ad dish or whatever the number is and say that we have to focus elsewhere. we have to we have on the agenda to understand the rest of the cost over runs and what we are going to do about it or whether we are doing value engineering or talking about new revenue and also have the cal tran extension and it does not seem, we have a few other things. it does not seem like we can do all of this, i would propose that we think about triaging the agenda. >> do you have a motion director metcalf? >> i am not sure what to put off or what to focus on. but i would move that we... i don't think that we can do all of this with the... i have there is a lot of indepth discussion that we need to have about this presentation and
Feb 12, 2013 7:30am EST
threat. >> reporter: late north korean leader kim jong-il promoted a so-called military first party. his son and successor kim jong ooun is following that path. >> translator: we have to strengthen the north korean army to build up a strong and prosperous nation. move forward towards victory. >> reporter: kim's strong words gave agencies in south korea and other countries another reason to stay on high alert in anticipation of a third nuclear test. kengo, nhk world, tokyo. >>> we also spoke with professor, a specialist on north korea at the university shizouka. >> north korea has some mixed reensz why they conducted this time the nuclear test. one is, of course, a domestic concern. the other is foreign concern. on domestic kim jong un, new leader needs more popular support to enhance his base so it means he may be -- maybe he hopes to shore up his toughness or strong attitude toward the u.s., very hostile the policy, so therefore this is one of the reasons. the other is, of course, they hope to send some signal to the u.s. to restart some negotiatio negotiations. so i think it's quite in
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am EST
will be elected to follow the pope? kim dacey joins us live in north baltimore with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning. baltimore's archbishops is commending pope benedict for acting in the best interest of the church. now people are talking about who may replace him. speculation is mounting about who people will think will replace him. the pope has to be a unifying figure to the whole world and be able to bring together a broad spectrum of catholics. the next pope may be from a developing part of the world. cardinal edwin o'brien will help elect the new pope. he calls the decision to step aside is an act in humility. the current archbishop agrees. he weighed in on the task ahead of the new pope. >> can he embrace every language and culture on the face of this earth? imagine the job description that is. >> the archbishop says he does recall the pope saying if he reached the time he didn't have the stamina for the job, he would step aside. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. urningts and staff are mornin a popular teacher at that was killed on monday, devin spence. his ca
Feb 11, 2013 9:00pm PST
. (clapping) >> so we're going to take a quick photograph. >> i want to give supervisor kim to say a few words too. >> thank you. i think supervisor yee already said a lot of things about our early education department but, you know, as just xooend the communication we had over the few months i think one of the things we look at is that kindergartner enter into our school system we see the gap and their such on incredibly important piece and the staff that have championed it have made a real difference. i hope that as we have more discussions around prop h that we really have a robust discussions on how to fund prek. we're dealing with this head on before our young school children enter the program. and i want to thing our staff none of you look old enough to have been around for thirty years. this says a lot about our program so thank you four all your work. >> thank you colleagues. at this time why do we move on >> now is the opportunity for the public to comment including the items open adaptation without reference to collapsed. please remember that the items are that were arreste
Feb 11, 2013 1:30pm PST
. scott wiener, the chair of the committee. to my right is supervisor jane kim who is the vice-chair of the committee, and to my left is supervisor david chiu. our clerk today is victor young and on our sfgtv staff are jessie larson and carolyn lauber. mr. clerk, are there any announcements? >> yes. please turnoff electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. item acted upon today will appear on february 26, 2013 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. and before we begin, supervisor kim has an announcement to make. >> thank you, chair wiener for allowing me to make this announcement. going on not just for those in the room but watching on tv. in the north light court we are hosting a bone marrow drive re industrial and it is an opportunity for anyone that is in the building to come in and get schwabed to potentially become a donor for someone in need of a bone marrow. for a friend who did it recently, it is an incredible opportunity to save someone's life. we a
Feb 11, 2013 5:00am EST
forecast. kim dacey joins us live with a preview. good morning. >> the tenured fiscal outlook was released last week. baltimore will be in financial ruin by 2022 unless budget cuts are made. in 10 years, it will be more than $2 billion in the hall. the city cannot tax its way out without losing more residents and businesses. the tax rates already the highest in the state. cuts will have to be made. the mayor will announce her ideas. she has given a few hints. making modern investments and changing the tax infrastructure to make baltimore more competitive for growth. >> if we act now, if we act decisively and boldly, we can change the trajectory for the city. >> the state of the city is that city hall at 2:30 this afternoon. we'll bring you the latest. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president obama will deliver the first stage of the union address of his second term. he is expected to push immigration reform and will focus on middle class jobs. there could be big losses for small business and government layoffs. >> this will put 600,000 people out of work. >> we have to stop it. >> let's in
Feb 12, 2013 5:00am EST
this morning. speculation over who will become the new leader of the catholic church. >> kim dacey joins us live from the cathedral in north baltimore with more details. >> baltimore's archbishops is commending pope benedict for acting in the best interest of the church. speculation is mounting about who people will think will replace him. the pope has to be a unifying figure to the whole world and be able to bring together a broad spectrum of catholics. the next pope may be from a developing part of the world. the decision to step aside is an active humility. the current archbishop agrees. he waited on the task ahead of the new pope. >> can he embrace every language and culture on the face of this earth? i imagine what the job description that is. >> the archbishop says he does recall the pope saying if he reached the time he didn't have the stamina for the job, he would step aside. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have complete coverage of resignation on our website. >> president obama will deliver the state of the union address tonight. it will build consensus among democrats and republ
Feb 11, 2013 7:30am EST
. >>> and this weekend of the grammy awards, kim lawton looks at the new mainstream success for contemporary christian music. ♪ >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. there was more attention this week to the ethical debate weaponized drones in the war on terror. the discussion came amid a senate intelligence committee confirmation hearing for john brennan, nominated to be the next head of the cia. brennan helped lead the obama administration's largely secret drone program. a leaked memo revealed the justice department's view that it is legal for the government to kill u.s. citizens overseas if it believes they pose an "imminent threat," even if there is no evidence of an immediate specific attack. some ethicists say that amounts to illegal targeted killings. >> they are not the best strategy, they are not ethically right, and they are not morally right. >>> after much campaigning by outside groups on both sides, the boy scouts postponed until may a decision on lifting its ban on gay scouts and leaders. several conservative religious organizations were particularly vocal in t
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
the fiscal forecast which said the city needs to make some major changes to avoid bankruptcy. kim dacey has more. >> good morning. the 10-year fiscal outlook was released last week. baltimore will be in financial ruin by 2022 unless budget cuts are made. in 10 years, it will be more than $2 billion in the hole. a local economist points out the city cannot tax its way out without losing more residents and businesses. the tax rates are already the highest in the state. cuts will have to be made. the mayor will announce her ideas. the state of the city is this afternoon. she has given a few hints, including making modern investments and changing the tax infrastructure to make baltimore more competitive for growth. >> if we act now, if we act decisively and boldly, we can change the trajectory for the city. >> the state of the city is at city hall at 2:30 this afternoon. 11 news will be there. we'll bring you the latest. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the shake-up this morning. alex mooney said he will step down. served two years as chairman. tyanna waterman -- diana water man will be the actin
Feb 14, 2013 11:30am PST
, is it is the heart of the judgment call, and chair person kim i am really relating to your request that the board be presented with multiple options rather than just one solution for the problem. i observed that we have $500 million left to spend and we are talking about $64 million of that, $500 million left to spend. if you believe as i know that you do, that this is the correct level of safety eninvestment, i am interested in being presented with options for how to reduce costs somewhere else in the project then, i'm also interested in having a discussion about multiple options on solving the revenue piece. some of these are robbing from phase two to shift the money to phase one, which is probably something that i would be interested in avoiding, but in both cases, on the cost cut and revenue side i am interested in the multiple options. i really want to pick up on director reiskin's idea of a third party oversight that could report to the board with recommendations. >> thank you, for your comments. i think that director, chair person kim's question about what is the comparebility between san
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
ahead of what would have been the 71st birthday of kim jong-il. they listened to speeches by senior government leaders. number two leader praised kim jong-il for having promoted development of nuclear weapons. he said the test this week was a fair response to a u.s. violation of north korea's legitimate right to launch a satellite. and he said the army and the people will step up their fight to defend the country's sovereignty. >>> researchers in the united states believe north korea could be preparing a new missile launch. their analysis is based on recent satellite photos of a launch site in the northeast of the country. researchers at johns hopkins university looked at images of the launch site in musudan-ri. they compared photos taken in january with shots from three months earlier. the photos show a crane pointing in a different direction. part of the launchpad has been cleared of snow. the researchers say this activity could point to another missile test. the researchers also report that a new launchpad is being upgraded. they say it's being fitted with three large fuel tanks
Feb 11, 2013 12:30am PST
supportive of avalos as chari. >> thank you commissioner. commissioner kim. >> i'm happy to support supervisor avalos for the position of chairmanship. it is something that he has been enthused about. i think the ta is an important piece of what we do here at city hall. i think transportation whether we talk about pet safety, cars, muni and public transit continues to be one of the preeminent issues that we talk about here at city hall and some of the things that i hope we are able to push forward % i appreciate supervisor cohen's comment about city neighborhoods they don't have as much resources. it is great to have a chair that represent one of the areas of the southeast sector that doesn't have great access to muni and public transit; we should figure out how to create more equity among public transit. the second issue is, that supposed to be transit first, where we build less parking spaces and meter all streets to make sure people are not parking in the street; we have to provide them public transit as well and cannot say that t line is enough. and also to bayview and hunter
Feb 13, 2013 6:30am PST
to acknowledge councilman's kim's comments about facing seniors with disability and is we really appreciate you commenting on those issues. the reason we have these two issues grab bars and phone jacks front of the legislation today is we saw hem as two things that are managingable and we wantedded to move forward with sprr mar and we do look forward to work with all of you to figure out the other solutions so is it didn't stop here but we can continue to create safer housing for people with disabilities and for everyone. thank you. >> thank you seeing no other sparkes mr. chairman can we close public comment? >>> yes, we may, the comment is closed. colleagues i just wanted to thank everywhere for the great testimony it's always really eye opening but especially those who are saying this is common sense and we should have done this year ago but that there is so much more to be done and mr. vining also mentioned there is the survey and recommend days online at f h a sites and please ask our office we can provide it and gives the short term and concrete issues and long term once like ele
Feb 13, 2013 4:30pm PST
identify the potential locations -- >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> commissioner kim has a question. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you midsentence. if you want to finish the slide i have a question. i was excited we were able to slow down the speed at our school sites. unfortunately the schools in district six we're not able to get that type of speed limit reduction because of the areas they're in. bessy carmichael and the tenderloin is another. i know they were able to slow it in the alleys but because we're on arteal yar corridors and i am wondering what we can do to improve it in those areas. >> we are using physical measures addition to the 15 miles per hour a sign. it's a policy and opportunity for enforcement but these are physical measures for a motorists to think i would be more comfortable driving more slowly, and within the school funding we can look at those locations and see if there are things that we can do to make physical changes for the areas that are more challenging. >> [inaudible] i'm not item. >> speed humps and medians are thing we are looking for and changes to th
Feb 15, 2013 1:30pm PST
did was partner with supervisor zane kim, the coalition on homeless and other groups and we had a shelter access workgroup. five nights at week people line up at glide for a handful of beds that are distributed at seven in the morning and we have a line based system and not ebility seablght to people with disabilities and many lost a job because they had to get in line to a bed or go to work. supervisor kim secured -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt. everything you're telling us is extremely important but you're speaking a little faster than the captioner can keep pace with. >> i'm sorry . that's my new york upbringing. well, if i don't -- generally i'm respective. i didn't see a timer there so i will sloaz down if that is okay. supervisor kim authored this and i think it's powerful because our office met with the coalition and met with advocacy groups and with city departments and we added a million dollars to the shelter system. this was the first time in years the mayor didn't submit a budget with cuts to this agency and credit to the mayor and the good times coming economi
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